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Our pricing is based on selected features, data volume, and usage.

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Core Features
Unified data source
Single view of the customer
Common data model
Source data access
Self-service analytics
Define and save customer segments
Scalable platform
Additional Features
Open source data enrichment
Automated metrics and insights
KPI reporting automation
Descriptive and predictive analytical models
Send data direct to cloud destinations

Representative Example vs Self-Build

Based on 5 data sources, 15m rows of existing data, 500k new data rows per month
Compared to self-build
Set Up Costs
CDP with Data Lakehouse Functionality.
Requirements; Infrastructure; Testing; Deployment; Salaries
less upfront cost
Running / Maintenance
ETL; Compute; Storage; Salaries
more efficient
Data Science / Analytics
Compute; Salaries
value generated
Time to Value
How long until the first actionable insights are produced
> 10x
Implementation Total Cost
Time & monetary cost compared to self-build
> 9x ROI
This is a representative example for illustration purposes only. Please contact us for pricing customised to your needs.

All Features

Data Ingest

Standard Sources
Premium Sources
Custom Sources

Data Lakehouse

Data Matching
Unified Data Source
Single Source of Truth
Common Data Model
Access to Source Data
Self-Service Analytics
Fully Managed Service

Customer Data Platform

Unique Customer Profiles
Single View of the Customer
Understand Customer Behaviour
Customer Segmentation
Activate Data

Advanced Analytics

Feature package
Data Enrichment
Descriptive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Reporting Automation

Feature package
Data Health
Performance KPI Reporting
Sales Insights
Customer Insights
Marketing Insights

Data Output

Customer Segments
SaaS applications, ad platforms, reporting tools, data storage
Standard Destinations
Premium Destinations
Custom Destinations
CSV Download


Onboarding Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Custom Development
Bespoke Analytical Support

Platform & Security

Customisable Dashboards
Single Tenancy Data Architecture
Granular Roles & Permissions
Multi-factor Authentication
ISO 27001
Cyber Essentials Plus
Data Stored in Europe

Maximise your data value

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Why use The Data Refinery?

The Data Refinery offers much more than just report automation and access to advanced analytics - be confident the investment you're making in your data meets all your objectives before implementation even begins.
With The Data Refinery
  • Set up in weeks with immediate value delivery
  • See the end product before investing in deployment
  • No infrastructure maintenance required
  • Managed by data experts
  • Cross-functional applications
  • Continual monitoring and improvement of the platform
  • Deduplicated data creating a single view of the customer removing data noise
  • Built in data enrichment
  • Pre-configured reports ready for self-service querying
  • Ready to use analytical models with more being constantly added
without The Data Refinery
  • Minimum 6 months set up time with even longer before value is delivered
  • No guarantee the end result will be fit for purpose
  • Direct copy of your data with no matching or deduplication
  • Configure and maintain connections to your data sources
  • Data Engineers required to set up and maintain infrastructure
  • Data Scientist(s) / Analyst(s) required to build analytical models and build reports
  • Will likely no longer suitable to meet changing business needs in less than 2 years

All your data in one place

No more siloed data, everything your team needs in one centralised location.

Data Lakehouse with Customer Data Platform

A scalable foundation capable of ingesting any type of data combined with the activation power of a CDP.

Effortless analytics

Access advanced analytical models used by enterprise companies to understand your customers like never before.

Fully managed service

Everything is maintained by The Data Refinery as a SaaS so you don't have to worry about setting up and maintaining complex technical systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any usage limits?

We have to put some limits on the frequency on which we extract data from your sources to stay within the bounds of API limits, but for processing time and volume of data within The Data Refinery we can arrange a package to suit your specific needs. Contact us to find out more.

Why should I trust The Data Refinery?

The Data Refinery prides itself on the highest standards of data security. With ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations, we are regularly audited to ensure we're following best practices with all data and our security systems are up to date.

Ready to unleash the power of your data?

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