All data in one place

Connect any source and bring all your data into a fully managed, easily accessible location.

Analytics ready data

Your data is mapped into our analytics ready data model while advanced matching technology creates unique customer profiles to provide you with a single view of a customer.

Uncover insights and eliminate repetitive tasks

Understand the patterns and underlying trends in your data with our built-in analytical models and reports. Access your data in our UI or your existing BI tool to start putting data at the heart of your day-to-day activities.

Increase ROI and maximise revenue

Give marketing teams access to the data they need to understand customer behaviour and create highly targeted, data-driven campaigns. Our data enrichment enables new dimensions of analysis and segmentation based on lifestyle tendencies and demographics - without invasive tracking or excessive data collection.

The Data Refinery enabled automated KPI reporting dashboards to track and understand key performance metrics on a weekly basis, removing the need for ineffective ‘snapshot analysis’.

Amman Boughan

Chief Financial Officer

The Data Refinery powers insight enabling us to make more informed decisions around cost effectiveness, ROI, and performance optimisation.

Louise Bradbury

Head of Customer and Digital Marketing

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Representative Example vs Self-Build

Based on 5 data sources, 15m rows of existing data, 500k new data rows per month
Compared to self-build
Set Up Costs
CDP with Data Lakehouse Functionality.
Requirements; Infrastructure; Testing; Deployment; Salaries
less upfront cost
Running / Maintenance
ETL; Compute; Storage; Salaries
more efficient
Data Science / Analytics
Compute; Salaries
value generated
Time to Value
How long until the first actionable insights are produced
> 10x
Implementation Total Cost
Time & monetary cost compared to self-build
> 9x ROI
This is a representative example for illustration purposes only. Please contact us for pricing customised to your needs.