March 15, 2024
Product News

Whats New in February '24

It has been another busy month for us here at The Data Refinery. Read on to find out about new feature releases, our latest integration, analytical wizardry and our most recent bug fixes.
Product Roundup - February 2024

Product News

Reporting updates

With the arrival of several new clients, we have received a range of amazing feedback with regards to reporting and chart building requirements. Improvements include:

New Customer Orders by 'Paid Marketing'

Our Marketing report now includes ‘New Customer Orders’ to help identify which marketing channels have been most successful in bringing in first time customers to the business. This can be used to monitor over time as well as inform how your precious marketing spend is allocated.  

Average Basket Size

Our customers are keen to not only understand how much of a given product was sold in a period, but also what the average basket size of the orders where. Through this we can begin to identify which items are driving higher average basket size and driving revenue.  

Product Reporting Improvements

Our product level reports have also been given a revamp based on feedback on how the data should be grouped. We’ve now included ‘Vendor/Brand’, ‘Product Variant’ and ‘Product Handle’ to give users the maximum flexibility on how they put their reports together. If your business sells products from different brands or has a large amount of different variants, our insight builder is ready to produce reports that match your needs.

Consent Priority

Consent priority can now be managed for connections to The Data Refinery. This allows a user to use a single source system as the source of truth for customer consent information. This is useful for organisations that centrally point users to a single system to manage consent acceptance.

Currency and Language Support

The Data Refinery now allows users to display the user interface in a combination of language and currency. This supports use cases where an organisation transacts in a specific region and thus, currency.

Tag Entity

We now support Product, Customer and Order Tags within our Business Ready Data Layer. This allows organisations to further filter any insight or dashboards using tags that have been applied in the source e-commerce system. A typical example of this would be the ability to segment data using product tags, where the tag could further categorise a subset of products e.g. Spring, Summer, Winter collections.


Listrak (Beta)

The Data Refinery now supports Listrak as a data source. Listrak data can be configured for both core ingest and guided analytics. This connection is currently in beta. We will be looking to release this connection generally in April 2024.

General Improvements

See below for a list of minor improvements and bug-fixes that have landed since our last roundup:


Our roadmap can be viewed  here, and is ever evolving, we strive to ensure that all future features are based upon and prioritised via customer and community feedback.

Want to see these changes in action? Drop us a message and we'll show you how The Data Refinery can work for you! Alternatively, sign up and try out The Data Refinery for yourself.

Other News


We have an exciting schedule ahead for 2024, in the next couple of months you will find us at:  

Retail Technology Show - 24th – 25th April

Attending? Please say hello to the team, you’ll find us on stand #5E75, we are always happy to talk all things data.  

Futr – 30th April  

IRX on the 22nd – 23rd May

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