Increase your data value while lowering time to insight

The Data Refinery is a Customer Data Platform with automated enrichment and analytics, creating a single view of your customers you can rely on to power the data needs of your entire organisation.
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Combine your data to make better business decisions

Single view of the customer

Bring multiple customer accounts together to create a single profile for each of your customers. Enhance your insight with Open Source data to gain additional context about your customers.

Ready made analytics

Pre-configured data models generate insights from your data with no need for an extensive team of analysts. Create segments to make informed business decisions and power cloud based tools.

Trust your data

Have confidence in what your data is telling you. Remove data silos and streamline your data infrastructure with quality control measures to ensure outputs from your data are reliable.

Rapid time to insight

Existing Customer Data Platforms take months to set up with spiralling costs. With The Data Refinery you'll see tangible value in days of set up, all with predictable, forecastable costs.

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Single source of truth for your data

All your data unified, enriched, analysed and made available to those who need it. The analytical flexibility of a CDP with the availability of a data warehouse all in one cost effective, low maintenance, easy to use package.

The Data Refinery dashboard
For Management

Minimise time to value

All your data streamlined to a single point of reference making the right data available for those who need it to make tough business decisions.

Reliable Management Information

Easily access all your data for a comprehensive overview of activities across your organisation. Track changes over time and highlight areas to focus on.

Time and cost effective

Realise value in a matter of days for teams across your organisation. End to end management of data ingest, storage, and analytics wrapped up in an easily forecastable package.

For Marketing

Increase conversion while driving down costs

Reduce your marketing spend by targeting the right customers at the right time. Power your marketing tools with clean, unified, segmented data.

All your data in one place

Remove the reliance on other teams to provide you with the data you need. Permission based access streamlines the data activation process.

Data driven segmentation

Drive campaigns based on data you can trust. Our analytical models automatically generate segments for you, or query the data to define your own.

For Ecommerce

Connect with your most valuable customers

Identify the customers who purchase the highest value items, and those who have the most potential. Maximise the value from your existing customers driven by data.

Deeper customer understanding

Expand your knowledge of your customers to understand their previous behaviours to predict what they're going to do next.

Streamlined data

Combine all your data sources into one place and power campaign segments with highly relevant messaging.

Improved ROI

Build highly efficient campaigns targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Expand as you grow

Be fully set up and infinitely scalable in days with connections to all the ecommerce and marketing tools you already use.

Unlock the value in your data

Clean, match, and analyse your customer data all in one place to drive value-based decision making.

Data sources into The Data Refinery
Data Connections

Move your data with ease

Load data into The Data Refinery in a matter of minutes using our existing integrations library. No mapping required on your end, just point the data at us and we'll do the rest.

Data Quality

Review and maintain the quality of your data

We operate on a quality first basis, ensuring all data that goes in is fit for purpose to output reliable results.

Every new data source goes through our review process to give it a quality rating, determining how that source can be used in our matching process. We automatically improve your data with minor transformations and can advise on how to improve data collection and maintenance across your organisation.

Quality gateway to ensure robustness of data
Matching data sources into one profile
Data Matching

A single profile for each customer

Combine all your data to create a single unique profile for each of your customers. Remove the noise and make data driven decisions you can rely on.

Supplement your first party data with third party open source data providing additional insight to drive your customer engagement. Gain value without the extra data collection.

Data Analytics

Uncover meaningful insights

Automated data analytics unlocking the value in your data without the need for a full team of data scientists.

Understand what's going on with descriptive analytics, predict what customers are going to do next with predictive propensity modelling, and take direction on next best steps with prescriptive analytics.

Have an in house data team? Directly query your data with a visual query builder or using Native SQL to create your own customer segments.

Analytics showing grouping customers into segments
The Data Refinery dashboard
Data Presentation

Explore and activate your data

Explore your data through your existing BI tools or use our interactive dashboards to build an accurate, reliable view of your entire data ecosystem.

Power your marketing and sales operations from a single data source resulting in clean, unified, coordinated campaigns.


Move data anywhere

Connect all your data sources to create unified customer profiles. Use one of our existing connectors or partner with us to create a bespoke integration.


Your data is in safe hands

We understand the value data has and the rights of those who own it. To keep all data secure, everything we build takes a security first approach, going beyond regulatory requirements to ensure enterprise levels of security is provided to all our customers.

ISO 27001 accreditationCyber Essentials Plus accreditation

ISO 27001

We are fully accredited to ISO27001 standards and continually striving to improve our data security processes.

Cyber Essentials Plus

As the highest level of certification offered under the Cyber Essentials scheme, our systems are rigorously tested for any vulnerabilities to cyber attack.

Single tenancy architecture

Every customer has their own dedicated data environment, meaning your data can never cross paths with anyone without your permission.

Security maintenance

With each new release, we review our entire security infrastructure to check for any potential security concerns and resolve them before they become an issue.

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