Connect the dots across
your whole organisation

Eliminate spreadsheet wrangling and gut feel from your decision making. Combine all your customer data into a single version of truth to power insight, KPI dashboards and segmentation tools.

Improve the speed and accuracy of decision making

The Data Refinery is a fully automated data platform that gives your team the power to respond to what’s working (or NOT working) quickly and easily. Data insights, on tap, in whatever format works for them.
Pipeline showing data coming in, going through a data pipeline Pipeline showing data coming in, going through a data pipeline

What Our Customers Say

"The ability to deep dive into top level data patterns allowed us to understand and react very quickly to a competitor undercutting us in price on Amazon – hugely powerful insight in a seasonal business where at high season, every day of sales can impact our performance."

Case Study
Chief Financial Officer

Amman Boughan

Information that previously has been very time consuming and difficult, if not impossible to get is now available for us quickly and efficiently. It has opened up endless possibilities as to how we can grow and develop our activities and enabled us to ask more questions of the questions we originally thought we had!

Case Study

Louise Bradbury

Head of Customer and Digital Marketing

Unlock the value in your data

With unrestricted data access, a common data model, built-in analytics and reporting dashboards, we provide all the tools you need to transform your data capabilities.
Data Centralisation

All data in one place

Connect any source and bring all your data into a fully managed, easily accessible location.
Funnel with a selection of data source locations being piped into The Data Refinery
Data matching table showing three sources with conflicting data. The final column shows The Data Refinery output with unified records

Analytics ready data

Your data is mapped into our analytics ready data model while advanced matching technology creates unique customer profiles to provide you with a single view of a customer.
Analyse & automate

Uncover insights and eliminate repetitive tasks

Understand the patterns and underlying trends in your data with our built-in analytical models and reports.

Access your data in our UI or your existing BI tool to start putting data at the heart of your day-to-day activities.
Screenshot of The Data Refinery UI with line charts
Circle diagram to show data unification and activation. Personal data, address, consent, campaign, interactions, loyalty, orders, transactions, service, open source data enrichment, customer insight, channel preferences, propensity modelling, personalised experience.
Drive Value

Increase ROI and maximise revenue

Give marketing teams access to the data they need to understand customer behaviour and create highly targeted, data-driven campaigns.

Our data enrichment enables new dimensions of analysis and segmentation based on lifestyle tendencies and demographics - without invasive tracking or excessive data collection.

Key Benefits

Single source of truth
Consolidate all your data into a single, easy to access location, without the need for technical resources. Eliminate the time spent searching for and wrangling data into a consumable format.
High data accessibility
Ensure all business systems are operating from the same, reliable data. Explore your data and securely send it directly to any destination without any manual data management.
Single view of the Customer
Unify customer data into unique profiles using our advanced matching technology to get a complete view of the customer's interactions and influences on their behaviour.
Rapid time to insight
Your teams can get answers to questions in minutes, not days. With instant access to all your data via a range of filters, visualisations and pre-configured insights, speedy data-driven decisions become part of your day-to-day workflow.
Analytics without the analyst
Become data-driven without hiring a team of data scientists with out of the box analytical models that enrich insight, identify unique customer segments and predictive behaviour.
Break free from manual reporting
Built alongside our clients, our reports and dashboards roll up your data into insightful KPIs and dashboards making useful MI available to your key stakeholders, with no manual input required.

Eliminate data silos

Integrate The Data Refinery with your existing ecosystem using our fully maintained connectors.

MongoDB Sharded
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
LinkedIn Ads
Facebook Page Insights
AWS CloudTrail
Twitter Ads
Google Display & Video 360
Salesforce Pardot
AWS Lambda
Twitter Analytics
Active Campaign
Chart Mogul
Ellucian Banner
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Advertising
Amazon Aurora MySQL
PrestaShop via MySQL
SQL Server on RDS
PostgreSQL on Google Cloud
MariaDB on Amazon RDS

Your data is in safe hands

We understand the value data has and the rights of those who own it. To keep all data secure, everything we build takes a security first approach to ensure enterprise levels of security is provided to all our customers.

European Data Storage

All data processed and stored by The Data Refinery is located in servers based in the UK and Europe - other hosting locations are available on request.

Single tenancy data architecture

Every customer has their own dedicated data environment, meaning your data can never cross paths with anyone without your permission.

Security maintenance

With each new release, we review our infrastructure to check for any potential security concerns and resolve them before they become an issue.

Ready to unleash the value in your data?

Whether you want to streamline your reporting, create data-driven marketing segmentations, or just want all your data in one place, we'll show you how The Data Refinery can maximise the value of your data.