Maximise your data value while lowering time to insight

The Data Refinery is a Customer Data Platform with Data Warehouse functionality to combine and store all your business data in one location, with built-in report automation and predictive analytical models.

Power the data needs of your entire organisation from a reliable single source of truth.
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What Our Customers Say

Perrys Ford car dealership forecourt
Information that previously has been very time consuming and difficult, if not impossible to get is now available for us quickly and efficiently. It has opened up endless possibilities as to how we can grow and develop our activities and enabled us to ask more questions of the questions we originally thought we had!
Louise Bradbury
Head of Customer and Digital Marketing

Unleash the value of your data

The Data Refinery combines all your business data in one location, eliminates manual data management, and uncovers underlying value in your data.
Three arrows into a central location

Data Centralisation

A common source of data to power your entire organisation
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Save time through the elimination of repetitive tasks at the strategic and tactical levels
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Drive Value

Understand why something happened and activate data across all channels
For Finance

All your KPIs readily available and updated daily

Save hours each week by having instant access to all your key performance indicators from across the organisation, available any time without delay to share with stakeholders.
Example KPIs pointing to a dashboard
Marketing, finance, operations, reporting, support, sales into one location
For Operations

Cross-functional consistency

Have every team operate from the same source of information. Strategic level reports and tactical actions come from the same data set, improving accuracy and saving time.
For Marketing

Understand who your customers really are

Go beyond a basic understanding of your customers and find out what really makes them tick. Drive smart tactical campaigns based on statistical analysis, behavioural traits, and group characteristics.
Example marketing profile

Combine your data to make better business decisions

Drive your business operations from a single unified data warehouse, save your team time with automated reports, and understand your customer behaviour through advanced analytics.
Screenshot of The Data Refinery UI

Unified data source

Combine data held across multiple systems into a central unified location

Single view of the customer

A complete view of all your customers activity, deduplicated and ready to be activated

Instant Insight

Track key metrics across all touchpoints in your organisation with no manual data management

Data Driven Value

Take action based on advanced analytical models and statistical analysis
Customer Success

See how we've helped our customers

Three core product packages delivering cross-functional value

Centred around the Data Warehouse, create a version of The Data Refinery that works for you
Data Warehouse

Consolidate your data in one place

Store all your data in a fully managed data warehouse with data unification and a single view of the customer.
Three data sources combined into a single profile
Reporting automation example dashboards
Reporting Automation

Save hours each week with automated reports

Centralise and streamline the production and maintenance of the key metrics tracked at all levels of your organisation.
Advanced Analytics

Data-driven value

Maximise the value in your data through access to advanced analytical models and data enrichment usually only available to enterprise scale companies with dedicated data science teams.
Forecasting, RFM, data-driven customer segment

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Download our product catalogue

Download our Product Catalogue

Activate your data

Connect all your data sources to access everything in one place, eliminating the need to manually move and join data. Directly feed your marketing stack with reliable, enriched data to drive highly targeted campaigns.


Your data is in safe hands

We understand the value data has and the rights of those who own it. To keep all data secure, everything we build takes a security first approach, going beyond regulatory requirements to ensure enterprise levels of security is provided to all our customers.

ISO 27001 accreditationCyber Essentials Plus accreditation

ISO 27001 and
Cyber Essentials Plus

We are fully accredited to ISO27001 standards and are certified under the Cyber Essentials scheme, we continually strive to improve our data security processes.

European Data Storage

All data processed and stored by The Data Refinery is located in servers based in the UK and Europe - other hosting locations are available.

Single tenancy data architecture

Every customer has their own dedicated data environment, meaning your data can never cross paths with anyone without your permission.

Security maintenance

With each new release, we review our entire security infrastructure to check for any potential security concerns and resolve them before they become an issue.

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