Maximise your data value while lowering time to insight

The Data Refinery is a Customer Data Platform with data warehouse functionality to combine and store all your business data in one location, with built-in report automation and descriptive & predictive analytical models.

Power the data needs of your entire organisation from a reliable single source of truth.
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Unlock the value in your data with a single source of truth

Centralised data source

Eliminate data siloes by combining all your data into a fully managed data warehouse, available for use across your entire organisation with the power of a Customer Data Platform.

Deep analytical insights

Built-in descriptive and predictive analytics gives you access to insights about your customer's behaviour previously only available to enterprises.

Automate your reporting cycle

Save hours of manual processes with pre-built reports and our visual query builder to define and track key metrics at all levels of your organisation, making insight readily available to stakeholders at any time.

Open-source data enrichment

Add open-source data sets to your first-party data to expand your understanding of your customers and uncover their underlying characteristics.

Maximise the value of your data

Power your entire organisation from the same source of data, from day-to-day tactical level customer segmentation to C-suite BI tool based reporting.

Low infrastructure maintenance

As a fully managed SaaS product, all you need to worry about is authorising the connections to your data sources and we take care of all the heavy lifting.

Combine your data to make better business decisons

Drive your business operations from a single unified data warehouse, save your team time with automated reports, and understand your customer behaviour through advanced analytics.
The Data Refinery dashboard

Single view of the customer

Bring all your customer data together to create single unique profiles for each of your customers.

Customer Data Platform

Create segments to make data-driven business decisions and power cloud based tools.

Trust your data

Remove data silos and streamline your data infrastructure with quality control measures to ensure outputs from your data are reliable.

Rapid time to insight

See tangible value in days of set up, all with predictable, forecastable costs.
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Streamline your analytics

Clean, match, and analyse your customer data all in one place to drive value-based decision making.

Graphic connecting three data sources into one
Data Warehouse

Single source of truth for your data

The Data Refinery combines all the data from your source systems and stores them in a fully managed data warehouse with an enterprise grade reporting schema, taking care of all the infrastructure management for you.

All data is deduplicated and quality checked to create a reliable single view of the customer with unique profiles including all associated data. You have completely unrestricted access to the underlying data, allowing you to use your data however you need to.

Reporting Automation

Automate your reporting cycle

Reporting automation centralises and streamlines the production and maintenance of the key metrics tracked at all levels of your organisation.

Covering sales, customers, and marketing, The Data Refinery's reporting automation gives all your key stakeholders access to insights in your data which are always up to date and available for review at any time, all without any manual input from your team eliminating the time consuming task of repetitive KPI reporting.

Screenshot of Data Refinery sales metrics dashboards
Diagram showing an audience segment made up of the following criteria: family lifestyle, propensity to buy more than 75%, lives in Yorkshire, and in the promising category in RFM. 1,036 profiles match this criteria
Advanced Analytics

Uncover meaningful insights

Maximise the value in your data through access to advanced analytical models usually only available to enterprise scale companies with dedicated data science teams.

Through a combination of data enrichment, descriptive and predictive analytics, you can identify patterns in your data putting you in a position to more effectively communicate with your customers and improve marketing efficiency.

Data Output

Explore and activate your data

The Data Refinery is a ready-made data warehouse facilitating a single source of truth to power your entire organisation's data needs.

Send your data as segments or as whole sets to where you need it most. From ad platforms and SaaS products, to your existing BI tools and storage locations - The Data Refinery enables your team to maximise the value of your data without any complex infrastructure management.

Diagram showing data moving from The Data Refinery to destinations such as ad platforms, SaaS products, reporting tools, and data storage locations

All your data in one place

Connect all your data sources to create unified customer profiles using one of our fully managed integrations.


Your data is in safe hands

We understand the value data has and the rights of those who own it. To keep all data secure, everything we build takes a security first approach, going beyond regulatory requirements to ensure enterprise levels of security is provided to all our customers.

ISO 27001 accreditationCyber Essentials Plus accreditation

ISO 27001 and
Cyber Essentials Plus

We are fully accredited to ISO27001 standards and are certified under the Cyber Essentials scheme, we continually strive to improve our data security processes.

European Data Storage

All data processed and stored by The Data Refinery is located in servers based in the UK and Europe.

Single tenancy architecture

Every customer has their own dedicated data environment, meaning your data can never cross paths with anyone without your permission.

Security maintenance

With each new release, we review our entire security infrastructure to check for any potential security concerns and resolve them before they become an issue.

Why use The Data Refinery?

The Data Refinery offers much more than just report automation and access to advanced analytics - be confident the investment you're making in your data meets all your objectives before implementation even begins.
With The Data Refinery
  • Set up in weeks with immediate value delivery
  • Able to see the end product before investing money and effort into deployment
  • Cross-functional applications
  • Continual monitoring and improvement of the platform
  • No complex data infrastructure maintenance required
  • Managed by data experts
  • Deduplicated data creating a single view of the customer removing data noise
  • Built in data enrichment
  • Pre-configured reports ready for self-service querying
  • Ready to use analytical models with more being constantly added
without The Data Refinery
  • Minimum 6 months set up time - even longer before value is delivered
  • No guarantee the end result will be fit for purpose
  • Direct copy of your data with no matching or deduplication
  • Configure and maintain connections to your data sources
  • Data Engineers required to set up and maintain infrastructure
  • Data Scientist / Analyst(s) required to build analytical models and build reports
  • Likely to be no longer suitable to meet changing business needs in less than 2 years

All your data in one place

No more siloed data, everything your team needs in one centralised location.

Customer Data Platform & Data Warehouse

The best of both worlds - an scalable data warehouse for all your data with the analytical power of a CDP.

Integrated analytics

Access advanced analytical models used by enterprise companies to understand your customers like never before.

Fully managed service

Deployed as a SaaS platform, the whole service is fully maintained so you don't have to worry about setting up and maintaining complex technical systems.

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