Integrate all your data into one trusted data set

Data is matched, enhanced and consolidated to give the best, most accurate and up to date view. See what is really going on across your organisation.

Use your data to its full potential

Get a complete picture of your data into the hands of the people making decisions, in a format they understand. Insight-led decisions will drive your business forward and provide the best experience to your customers.

Maximise ROI, increase revenue, spot opportunities

Increase marketing effectiveness powered by The Refinery’s advanced analytical segmentations, no data scientist needed. Answer questions that you couldn’t when operating from disparate or one-dimensional data sources.

Drive action from customer behaviour

See everything about your customers in a single 360˚ view. Enriched by third-party data, delve into the details of who your customers are and their behavioural tendencies – enabling more relevant, effective communications.

Automate reports to increase productivity

Performance insights, measures, and KPIs at your fingertips, always accurate and up to date. Save days of manual, repetitive work by automating your reporting processes.

"One data scientist, plus The Data Refinery plugged into Power BI, has given us more than a full team of analysts could without the necessary tools"

Amman Boughan

Chief Financial Officer

The Data Refinery powers insight enabling us to make more informed decisions around cost effectiveness, ROI, and performance optimisation.

Louise Bradbury

Head of Customer and Digital Marketing

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Representative Example vs Self-Build

Based on 5 data sources, 15m rows of existing data, 500k new data rows per month
Compared to self-build
Set Up Costs
CDP with Data Lakehouse Functionality.
Requirements; Infrastructure; Testing; Deployment; Salaries
less upfront cost
Running / Maintenance
ETL; Compute; Storage; Salaries
more efficient
Data Science / Analytics
Compute; Salaries
value generated
Time to Value
How long until the first actionable insights are produced
> 10x
Implementation Total Cost
Time & monetary cost compared to self-build
> 9x ROI
This is a representative example for illustration purposes only. Please contact us for pricing customised to your needs.