NetSuite is a cloud ERP system owned by Oracle. Business management suite for ERP, Financials, CRM and e-commerce.

  • Extract all your reporting data out of NetSuite to combine it with other data sources
  • Streamline the data into a standardised reporting schema
  • Analyse product / product category performance at a SKU level
  • Remove duplicates with a single view of the customer

Sync your data from NetSuite

All historical data
Daily sync

Use The Data Refinery's NetSuite integration to sync into a dedicated, fully managed data lakehouse. Data from NetSuite is ready to use however you need.

Authorise the connection using our UI and watch the data roll in, no more pipeline maintenance.

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Refinery Insights

Single view of a customer
Common data model
Built-in analytical models
Automated reports

NetSuite is compatible with our common data model! 🎉

Your data from NetSuite can be combined with other Refinery Insights sources to produce a single view of the customer presented in an analytics ready schema - providing full access to all the insights, reports, and segmentations available in The Data Refinery.


NetSuite is a Premium Connector when using it with Refinery Insights, meaning there will be some configuration required to get all the data correctly working in the common data model.

There may be an additional charge depending on your specific requirements.

NetSuite isn't currently supported by our common data model. But don't worry! We're always expanding our model.

If you're interested in powering the insights generated by The Data Refinery with data from NetSuite, please contact us for more information.


Send data to NetSuite

For details on how you can use NetSuite as a data destination, please contact us.

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