July 12, 2023
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What's New in June '23

What's been going on at The Data Refinery during June '23 - an update on new feature releases and platform improvements.
Product Roundup June 2023


We have shipped a couple of new integrations this month to further extend our capability to gather data from and publish data to the systems that our customers use.


We have now introduced a brand-new inbound connection for the E-Commerce platform VisualSoft. We are now able to produce automated insights and integrate this system with typical CRM and Ad platform data.


We have also enhanced our outbound connection to the marketing platform Klaviyo. We are now able to send contacts directly to Klaviyo either as new contacts or assigned to a specific marketing list.

General Improvements

See below for a list of minor improvements and bug-fixes that have landed since our last roundup:


Our roadmap can be viewed here, and is ever-evolving, we will ensure that all future features are based upon and prioritised via customer and community feedback.

Want to see these changes in action? Drop us a message and we'll show you how The Data Refinery can work for you! Alternatively sign up and try out The Data refinery for yourself.

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