October 10, 2022
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Product Roundup - September '22

What's been going on at The Data Refinery during September '22 - an update on new feature releases and platform improvements.
Product Round Up September 2022

September has seen us roll out several features and improvements from a new Discovery module to help our users interrogate source systems directly in The Data Refinery, through to improved platform notifications.

But before we get into the details of that, we have some exciting news to share…

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Tuesday 11th October - 10am to 2pm

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We’ll also be attending the Manchester Tech Festival next week to check out the Manchester tech scene and meet some new faces.

Whether you just want to chat about data or explore how The Data Refinery can help you, we can’t wait to meet you!

Onto September’s product roundup…

New Features

Discovery Module

A layer below our common data model, this Discovery functionality gives our users the capability to directly query data from each data sources using SQL. With supporting data schema views, Discovery enables our users to answer more neiche questions for their specific use cases which may not be currently supported by our common data model.

Each connector has smart suggested queries that have pre-written queries written to answer commonly asked questions like “New Customer Count” and “Top Ten Selling SKUs” – these can be used as foundations to build more complex queries.

Queries can be saved and shared allowing insights to be accessed by all users, not just those with technical ability.

Reach out and we’ll show you the Discovery module in action!

Screenshot of The Data Refinery Discovery module

HubSpot support for Refinery Insights

HubSpot is now compatible with our common data model. With just a few clicks, HubSpot data can power pre-built insights and analytical models across The Data Refinery.

Notifications for connector status

Users will receive a real time email notification when there is an issue with a connector, prompting a user to go into The Data Refinery to resolve the issue. This feature mitigates the risk of any missing data from reports.


Data flow optimisation

We have been working hard on a number of platform optimisations that moves The Data Refinery closer to providing both near real time integration and as a result up to the hour insight reporting. Look out for an upcoming blog that talks about how we centralised our data service scheduling to start this journey, which also empowers our users to control data flows at a granular level.

Option to choose chart type on Refinery Insights

The built-in Refinery Insights reports can now be customised to show different chart types, adding a level of flexibility so our users can view their data how they want.

Screenshot of The Data Refinery Insights with customisable chart type.


Our roadmap can be viewed here, and is ever evolving, we will ensure that all future features are based upon and prioritised via customer and community feedback.

Want to see these changes in action? Drop us a message and we'll show you how The Data Refinery works!

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