December 8, 2022
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Product Roundup - November '22

What's been going on at The Data Refinery during November '22 - an update on new feature releases and platform improvements.
The Data Refinery Product Round Up November 2022

In November we headed to Birmingham to exhibit at another brilliant MarketingSHOWCASE. In fact we enjoyed it so much, we signed up for all 12 events next year! Keep your eyes peeled as we share more details.

Watch our overview of November or read on below!

What’s new in November


Users can now directly upload targets for each market and channel by month into The Data Refinery. During the ingest process, all markets and channels are automatically identified, generating a pre-defined targets table – eliminating the need to build complex target spreadsheets!

Input previous, current, and next year targets to view across all Refinery Insights. Increase and decrease all targets by a set percentage, or change them individually.

These targets are displayed across all compatible Refinery Insights and can be accessed in your own analysis.

Data Refinery targets screenshot

Revenue Breakdown

Our “KPI Tree” decomposes revenue into each of its constituent parts – namely order/customer and value/basket. With the ability to filter by time period, market and sales channels, each branch of the tree displays data alongside a comparison period.

Click-through functionality for each node takes you through to a tabular view of the data, providing a granular view of a metric, giving confidence in the data behind the numbers. Configurable to group by category, date, and SKU as well as different visualisation options, there is wide range of flexibility to get to the root of headline figures.

Data Refinery revenue breakdown

Microsoft Advertising

The data from Microsoft Advertising is now available to power Refinery Insights, enabling those sources to contribute to the pre-built insights and analytical models across The Data Refinery.

Microsoft Advertising logo

B2B Analytics Foundations

We are building B2B specific measures to form part of our Refinery Insights offering. From metrics tracking calls and emails, to lead conversion and opportunity tracking, our insights will allow organisations to combine data from multiple B2B orientated sources.

This is still in private preview with more details to come soon – if you’re interested in learning more, drop us a message!



Our roadmap can be viewed here, and is ever evolving, we will ensure that all future features are based upon and prioritised via customer and community feedback.

Want to see these changes in action? Drop us a message and we'll show you how The Data Refinery works!

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