September 5, 2022
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Product Roundup - August '22

What's been going on at The Data Refinery during August '22 - an update on new feature releases and platform improvements.
The Data Refinery product roundup August 2022

August was a bumper month for rolling our new features, particularly in our UI.

Our new audience builder allows our users to define marketing lists straight from their data and a new profile view to presents all the data related to a single customer in one place.

Along with improvements to our existing features, we’re helping our users get maximum value from their data, without the need for a whole team of data scientists.

New Features

Audience builder

Users can define, save and share audiences based on any field from our common data model, including Open Data information.

Screenshot of The Data Refinery UI on the audience builder page

Profile search

Drill-down capabilities enable users to view a “customer profile” that contain all associated Refinery-wide data (transactions, interactions, consents, insights) related to that individual customer.

Screenshot of The Data Refinery Profile View

Landing page navigation

Overview level statistics from all areas of The Data Refinery are now available on the main landing page, governed by role permissions. This provides users with a snapshot of what matters to them, allowing them to quickly navigate to the most important areas.

Screenshot of landing page navigation


Deeper integration with Google Ads and Google Analytics

Additional fields are now available with our Google Analytics integration to enable a direct relationship to Google Ads.

Data export

Expanded data export capabilities have been rolled out across the application, including the export of saved audiences.

UI speed boost

Several performance and cache improvements have drastically increased the speed of the UI by reducing the amount of data required for a page load.

Preparation for real time data synchronisation

Changes have been implemented to our underlying data flows in preparation for upcoming work which will enable real-time data synchronisation from data sources.


Our roadmap can be viewed here, and is ever evolving, we will ensure that all future features are based upon and prioritised via customer and community feedback.

Want to see these changes in action? Drop us a message and we'll show you how The Data Refinery works!

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