Reporting Automation

Automate your reporting process

Collection of pre-built reports highlighting key data insights across primary reporting areas, automating the time-consuming process of report generation.

Reporting on autopilot

The Data Refinery provides pre-configured reports designed to deliver a snapshot of organisational activity in the primary reporting areas.

All of your key metrics and KPIs will always be up to date and available for review at any time by any relevant stakeholder, without any manual input from your team. All reports and views can be sliced by you to create a view to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Screenshot of Data Refinery sales metrics dashboards

Make data accessible

Taking previously inaccessible data and making it available for all teams to access, manage and explore.

Trust your data

Have confidence in what your data is telling you. No more gut feeling actions.

Single view of the customer

Bring together all associated data into one location to create a unified single record for each of your customers.

No long set up times

Have your data flowing in a matter of days through self-serve and supported onboarding, savings thousands in set up costs and maintenance.

Sales Insights

All the key metrics needed by organisations to measure and track performance like total sales, transaction breakdown, revenue stages as well as deeper metrics such as first sale by product, time between transactions and most popular basket combinations.


  • Total revenue
  • Total orders
  • Sales breakdown last 30/60/90 days
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Revenue stages: gross, net, margin
Plus many more


  • First sale by product
  • Top selling products
  • AOV change by repeat purchase
  • Time between purchase
  • Most popular purchase combinations
Plus many more
Sales insights dashboard with example reports
Customer insights dashboard with example reports

Customer Insights

Get to know who your customers really are with overviews of your customer activity with breakdowns such as how many active customers you have who make repeat purchases, what demographic you primarily sell to, as well as metrics like churn and lifetime value.


  • New customers over time
  • Churn rate
Plus many more


  • Active vs inactive customers
  • Single vs repeat purchase customers
  • Customer type per purchase combinations
  • Key customer groups
Plus many more

Marketing Insights

Link marketing spend with transactions to give you ratios like customer acquisition costs, along with insights such as comparisons of conversion rates across campaigns.


  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Open to order (conversion)
  • Cost of conversion
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
Plus many more


  • Interaction by type
  • Engagement at touch point
  • Customer type per purchase combinations
  • Key customer groups
Plus many more
Marketing insights dashboard with example reports
KPI reporting graphic showing multiple different reports and metrics in one dashboard

KPI Reporting

Take the key metrics and insights you need to report to your stakeholders to build your own shareable reporting dashboard. Streamline and automate your daily / weekly / monthly reporting.

  • Report of key performance areas
  • Automate manual processes
  • Dynamic management reports
  • Share key information with stakeholders
  • Instant access to most recent data

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