Reporting Automation

Automate your reporting process

Collection of pre-built reports highlighting key data insights across primary reporting areas, automating the time-consuming process of report generation.

Reporting on autopilot

The Data Refinery provides pre-configured reports designed to deliver a snapshot of organisational activity in the primary reporting areas.

All of your key metrics and KPIs will always be up to date and available for review at any time by any relevant stakeholder, without any manual input from your team. All reports and views can be sliced by you to create a view to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Reporting automation example dashboards

Unified Data Source

All your data sources combined into a central location, deduplicated and readily available for use anywhere

Single View of the Customer

A consistent, holistic view of all your customers activities

Save Time

Eliminates the need to manually download and wrangle data to produce insights

Strategic Insights

Automatically updating KPI’s track primary reporting areas and are available to share with key stakeholders

Data Science

Group customers using built-in descriptive and predictive analytical models without the need for a dedicated team

Tactical Actions

Power campaigns from clean, unified data – segmented based on data-driven insights

Data Health

Provides an overview of the connected sources, with a breakdown of the matching process and the correlation between matches in different systems.

  • Connected sources
  • Linked account distribution
  • Total unique profiles
  • Total accounts
  • Profile to account ratio
  • Opt out rate %
  • Contactable profiles
Plus many more
Example dashboard for Data Health
Example dashboard for KPI reporting

Performance KPI Reporting

Overview level metrics for senior leadership to measure and track performance across a range of business areas.

  • Margin by Sales Channel
  • Paid vs Non-Paid
  • Average Order Value
  • Repeat Purchases &
  • Churn Rate %
  • New Customers
  • CAC / LTV
Plus many more

Sales Insights

All the key metrics needed by organisations to measure and track performance like total sales, transaction breakdown, revenue stages as well as deeper metrics such as first sale by product, time between transactions and most popular basket combinations.

  • Revenue last 30 / 60 / 90 days
  • Credits / Refunds
  • Revenue by Customer Group
  • Basket value change
  • First sale by product
  • Commonly purchased products
  • Top repeat purchase products
Plus many more
Example dashboard for sales insights
Example dashboard for customer insights

Customer Insights

Your customers activities broken down by segments such as how many active customers you have who make repeat purchases, as well as metrics like churn and lifetime value.

  • Total active customers
  • New customers
  • Churned customers
  • Cohort Analysis - repeat purchase
  • Duration between transactions
  • Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Key Customer Groups
Plus many more

Marketing Insights

Link marketing spend with transactions to give you ratios like customer acquisition costs, along with insights such as comparisons of conversion rates across campaigns.

  • Revenue from marketing
  • Reactivated Customers
  • Leads generated / lost
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Ad Spend by Campaign
  • ROAS
  • Conversion Rate %
Plus many more
Example dashboard for marketing insights

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