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How The Data Refinery works

The Data Refinery ingests data from your existing data sources, reviews each source for its quality to ensure reliability, matches data together to create single customer profiles, applies pre-configured analytical models to your data, and makes your data accessible to power your organisations activities.

Diagram of The Data Refinery functionality. Data ingest, quality matching, analytics, presentation

Data Connections

Connect data from any of your existing data sources to The Data Refinery to create an automated stream of data with no maintenance.

Establish a connection with a wide range of cloud providers to automatically start syncing your data.

Partner with The Data Refinery to build connectors to fit your existing system architecture.

New data sources are automatically mapped into the data model with minimal input from you.

Send data directly to us using our API.

Full control and management over how and when your data is moved.

Data Quality

Ensures the data being processed by The Data Refinery is fit for purpose so the outputs can be relied on to make better business decisions in operations, marketing, and sales.

Every data source is reviewed to ensure the data being processed by The Data Refinery is suitable to provide reliable results. Receive data quality warnings highlighting missing fields with suggestions on how to improve your data.

Prevent low-quality data entering The Data Refinery maintaining a high level of reliability on outputs.

Data is pre-processed to remove the individual nuances found in each data source. View your ongoing data quality between data imports and learn how to improve data collection.

Track any changes in the data as it passes through, either improving or worsening. A query at the end stage of the process can be used to analyse any variance between the tables in both positive and negative directions

Compare previous outputs to more recent ones using a population quality index. If the variance is outside acceptable bounds, data processing is halted pending further review.

Data Matching

Data collected in different sources about the same customer creates mixed messaging and no clear view of the real picture. The Data Refinery brings all your data together to create a unique profile for each customer, becoming a single source of truth for your organisation to trust. Your first party data can be enriched with Open Source data to gain a deeper understanding of who your customer is.

All the data you have on each customer from all your data sources, all combined to create a single profile for each of your customers.

Enrich your data with Open Source data such as ONS and Land Registry to broaden your knowledge on who your customers are.

Data Analytics

Extract value from your data without the need for a full team of data analysts. Pre-configured analytical models surface value from your data ready to be used across your organisation. Use automated insights alongside Self Service analytics to create customer segments.

Self Service Analytics

Query your data by asking questions without having to write any code.

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More technical? Explore your data with SQL using our Native SQL query editor.

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Define, create, and save segments of your customers to be used for reporting or marketing.

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View all the information you have on each customer in a single profile view.

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Descriptive Analytics

A method for analysing customer value using segmentation based on individual purchasing behaviours. It provides data backed insights on each customer group and allows marketing to be tailored to their individual needs.

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Break down sales into their most basic components to identify areas that are over and under performing.

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Predictive Analytics

Predict the likelihood that customers will perform certain actions. It's a statistical approach that accounts for all the independent and confounding variables that affect said behaviour.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Use trends in your data highlighted through descriptive and predictive analytics to determine the best next steps to take in engaging with your customers.

Data Presentation

Explore your data through your existing BI tools or use our interactive dashboards to create reports. Send segmented data to your marketing tools to power marketing operations.

Data Out

Connect directly into The Data Refinery and use us as a ready made data warehouse.

Connect your existing BI tool to The Data Refinery and visualise your data.

Send matched, segmented data directly to your cloud based business tools. No more downloading and re-uploading clunky CSV files.

Send unified customer profiles to your existing warehouses.

Download a segment to a CSV file.

Dashboard & Reporting

Visualising the data we've processed in our dashboard.

Build and share views of your data across your team members.

Define views to be shared with parties external to your organisation.

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