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From automating reports to deep analytical models, explore all the features of The Data Refinery.

How The Data Refinery works

The Data Refinery ingests data from your existing data sources, reviews each source for its quality to ensure reliability, matches data together to create single customer profiles, applies pre-configured analytical models to your data, and makes your data accessible to power your organisations activities.

Overview of The Data Refinery pipeline - data ingest, data warehouse, reporting automation, advanced analytics, data output

Data Ingest

Standard Integrations

No configuration required. Authorise a connection between the data source and The Data Refinery via the link we send you and you’re all set.

Premium Integrations

Some set up required. The same connection process as standard connectors with some additional configuration required by The Data Refinery team.

Custom Integrations

Bespoke set up. A source that has a completely custom structure or no documentation.

Data Warehouse

Data Matching

Data is matched to ensure account level data is not duplicated, to provide assurances that a completed view of a single customer is provided

Unified Data Source

By unifying and categorising data from a range of source systems, The Data Refinery can provide insight that cross cuts an entire business, rather than divisional silos.

Single View of the Customer

We pull together a complete view for each of your customers using the most reliable version of the provided data.  

Self-Service Analytics

Enable your team to build simple queries using a series of filters and connectors to create their own views of the data.

Native SQL

Utilise the full power of SQL to build your own complex custom queries without leaving The Data Refinery environment.

Direct Connection

Use The Data Refinery Warehouse as a single source from which to drive business operations.

Fully Managed Service

Everything is managed by The Data Refinery - benefit from the flexibility of a data warehouse without having any of the maintenance overhead.

Reporting Automation

Data Health

Measure the overall health of your data set by tracking the status of your source systems and key indicators such as contactable ratio.

Performance KPI Reporting

Take the key metrics and insights you need to report to your stakeholders to build your own shareable reporting dashboard. Streamline and automate your daily / weekly / monthly reporting.

Sales Insights

All the key metrics needed at a management level to measure and track performance like total sales and transaction breakdown as well as deeper metrics such as first sale by product and most popular basket combinations.

Customer Insights

Overviews of your customer activity with breakdowns such as how many active customers you have who make repeat purchases, as well as metrics like churn and lifetime value.

Marketing Insights

All your marketing activity combined, linking marketing spend with transactions to give you ratios like customer acquisition costs, along with insights such as comparisons of conversion rates across campaigns.

Advanced Analytics

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment uses Open-Source data to broaden your understanding of who your customers are, enabling insight such as lifestyle, affluence, age group, and demographics.


RFM modelling is an ideal method of analysing customer value using segmentation based on individual purchasing behaviours:

KPI Trees

Each area of sales are decomposed into their most basic components, pinpointing issues and indicating which measures are a suitable response to the output. 

Marketing Attribution

Attribution modelling uncovers your customers journey right from their first touch through to their last touch, all while tracking their movements in between with multi-source attribution.


Estimate future company performance over a given time period for key performance metrics such as sales, customer volume, and demand forecasting.

Clustering Segmentation

Using ML to create a feature set to group customers together that would not be traditionally grouped together giving you the ability to identify hidden trends in your data.

Propensity Modelling

Predict the likelihood that customers will perform certain actions. It's a statistical approach that accounts for all the independent and confounding variables that affect said behaviour.

Recommendation Engine

Create a personalised experience for your customers by recommending products that fit their behavioural purchase patterns, without bombarding them with the same item over and over again or with products too similar to previous purchases.

Data Output

Customer Segments

Utilise your existing data to power your campaign activities. Send highly specific audience segments to your tools, improving the efficiency of your targeting and increasing campaign effectiveness.

SaaS Products

Send matched, segmented data directly to your cloud based business tools. No more downloading and re-uploading clunky CSV files.

Ad Platforms

Apply the analytics of The Data Refinery to create audiences with a high propensity to buy and seamlessly send them to the ad platforms you use – improving the targeting and efficiency of your campaigns, while reducing CAC and increasing ROI.

Reporting Tools

In addition to the full Data Refinery UI, visualise and explore all the analytical outputs from The Data Refinery in what ever BI tool you currently use, with flexibility to curate your own views and reports.

Data Storage

Use The Data Refinery as a data warehouse for your entire organisation to access without any of the infrastructure or maintenance overheads, or send your data to your existing data storage locations.

Download as CSV

Download a segment or full data set to a CSV file.

Platform & Security

Customisable Dashboards

Utilise your existing data to power your campaign activities. Send highly specific audience segments to your tools, improving the efficiency of your targeting and increasing campaign effectiveness.

Single Tenancy Data Architecture

Every customer has their own dedicated data environment, meaning your data can never cross paths with anyone without your permission.

Granular Roles & Permissions

Have tight control over who has access to what data within your Data Refinery workspace. Grant access to specific features, functions, and views based on your data protection requirements.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Ensure account security with multi-factor authentication as default for all your the active users of your workspace.

ISO 27001

We are fully accredited to ISO27001 standards and continually striving to improve our data security processes.

Cyber Essentials Plus

As the highest level of certification offered under the Cyber Essentials scheme, our systems are rigorously tested for any vulnerabilities to cyber attack.

Data Stored in Europe

All your data stored in specific European servers, reducing the transmission of sensitive personal data. You always know where your data is being held.


Onboarding Workshops

Either one-on-one or team training, our team will work with you over a period of time to train you with your data on how to maximise the value of The Data Refinery.

Dedicated Account Manager

A member of our team will be dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of The Data Refinery and will always be available to answer any questions.

Custom Development

For the more complex of system architectures, we can work with you to create a deployment of The Data Refinery that works for you.

Bespoke Analytical Support

Our team of expert Data Scientists and Data Analysts can work with you on your data. We’re experts in The Data Refinery’s model, meaning we can extract value quickly and efficiently as well as suggest new ways to explore your data.

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