Data Warehouse

All your data under one roof

Combine all your data from your source systems to create a single source of truth to power your entire organisation.

Data warehouse in a box

Normally you need to have an existing data warehouse you manage yourself to get the maximum value from your data.

With The Data Refinery, all of that is taken care of for you.

Ready to go from day one with no set up delays
Fully managed service with no technical resources required
All your data stored in a unified schema accessible by your entire organisation
All data is deduplicated, quality checked, and matched to create a single view of the customer with unique customer profiles
Full access to the data through our UI or a technical data share
Example Refinery tables

Unified Data Source

All your data sources combined into a central location, deduplicated and readily available for use anywhere

Single View of the Customer

A complete view of all your customers activity, deduplicated and ready to be activated

Save Time on Repetitive Tasks

Eliminates the need to manually download and wrangle data to produce insights

Dynamic Strategic Insights

Automatically updating KPI’s track primary reporting areas and are available to share with key stakeholders

Built-in Data Science

Group customers using built-in descriptive and predictive analytical models without the need for a dedicated team

Drive Tactical Actions

Power campaigns from clean, unified data – segmented based on data-driven insights

Unified Data Source

Combine data held across multiple systems into a single unified view. Our advanced matching engine automatically maps your data into our common schema, making navigating data from different systems a breeze.

All your data is readily available in your very own fully managed data warehouse without the need to build individual processes or collate reports across functions or divisions.

The Data Refinery eliminates the manual process of managing data, leaving you and your team more time to drive value from a reliable single source of truth.

Any data source connecting into The Data Refinery
Example of data matching

Single View of the Customer

Matched across multiple parameters, our reliable matching process ensures duplicate and like for like customers are captured across system boundaries to create unique Customer Profiles.

The best version of a customer is powered by the most recent and reliable version of your data, allowing you to understand your customers habits and behaviours without the noise of inaccurate or stale data.

Drive your insights, create customer segmentations, and drive highly targeted campaigns based on a reliable single view of the customer.

Self-Service Analytics

The Data Refinery empowers teams to confidently ask questions of their data. By having all organisational data readily available, anyone in an organisation can get the answers they need without having to spend hours wrangling data.

Visual Query Builder

Enable your team to build simple queries using a series of filters to create their own views of the data. Views can be shared across teams reducing duplication of work as well as sharing knowledge between functions.

Native SQL

Utilise the full power of SQL to build complex custom queries that will sit alongside your standard Data Refinery reports and any simple queries you’ve made.

Direct Connection

Plug directly into the Refinery Data Warehouse to explore and analyse the data in depth with no restrictions or need to worry about the reliability of the data.

Self-serve analytics filters

Maximise your data value

See how The Data Refinery can unlock the value in your data.
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