Data Warehouse

All your data under one roof

Combine all your data from your source systems to create a single source of truth for your entire organisation.

Data warehouse in a box

The Data Refinery combines all the data from your source systems and stores them in a Data Warehouse with an enterprise grade reporting schema, taking care of all the complex and costly infrastructure management for you.

All data is deduplicated and quality checked to create a reliable single view of the customer with unique profiles including all associated data. You have completely unrestricted access to the underlying data, allowing you to use your data however you need to.

Graphic connecting three data sources into one

Make data accessible

Taking previously inaccessible data and making it available for all teams to access, manage and explore.

Trust your data

Have confidence in what your data is telling you. No more gut feeling actions.

Single view of the customer

Bring together all associated data into one location to create a unified single record for each of your customers.

No long set up times

Have your data flowing in a matter of days through self-serve and supported onboarding, savings thousands in set up costs and maintenance.

Data Matching

The Data Refinery uses a reliable matching process to ensure duplicate and like for like customers are captured across system boundaries.

The Data Refinery builds the best version of a customer, with all your data pulled together to create a complete view using the most reliable version of the data provided.

The creation of a single “Customer Profile” ensures that insights are based on the most accurate view of a customer and enables intelligent segmentation and marketing campaigns to be generated.

Table showing three sources containing the same customer with slightly different inputs, with The Data Refinery matching the data together to a single profile
Graphic showing all different data categories merging together into The Data Refinery

Unified Data Source

Combine data held across multiple systems into a single unified view of your data. This unified view creates a complete picture of a business, without the need to build individual processes or collate reports across functions or divisions.

The Data Refinery provides instant insights that build upon a holistic system view, with the data stored in a standardised reporting model, further reports can be generated to handle specific domain use cases.

Whilst data unification is a simple concept, the benefits and synergies seen can be huge especially where organisations often toil to share data, which typically means analysts spend more time harvesting data than building meaningful insights.

Self-Service Analytics

By centralising all data, running analysis becomes a much easier, streamlined activity. The Data Refinery empowers teams to confidently ask questions of their data, without having to spend hours each day wrangling data.

We believe every organisation should have access to all their data and have the freedom to slice it however they see fit, regardless of technical ability.

Visual Query Builder

Enable your team to build simple queries using a series of filters and connectors to create their own views of the data. Views can be shared across teams reducing duplication of work as well as sharing knowledge between functions.

Native SQL engine

Utilise the full power of SQL to build complex custom queries that will sit alongside your standard Data Refinery reports and any simple queries you’ve made.

Direct Connection

Great for teams with an in-house data team wanting to explore the data in depth. Use The Data Refinery Warehouse as a single source from which to drive analytics.

Screenshot of self services analytics functionality allowing for multiple filters on the data to be applied

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