Data Lakehouse

All your data under one roof

Bring your disparate data into a single unified location to drive value across your organisation.
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Lakehouse pipeline overview

A solid foundation for your data

One place for all your data, analytics, and ML

Sync data directly from your data collection and storage locations.
Ingest structured, semi-structured, unstructured, and streaming data simultaneously from multiple sources into a single location.
Fully managed data pipeline with no requirement for any hosting or maintenance by you.
Auto scaling platform to handle varying data volumes and capture future data sources.
Data ingest
A fully managed and maintained Data Lakehouse containing all your data in a single location, ready to be activated across your organisation.
Access all your data in it's raw format, removing the need to manage individual ETL pipelines.
Data from across all your different systems are mapped into our common data model, providing an enterprise grade analytics schema.
Enforced data governance outputs a reliable data set which can be used across all areas of the business – ensuring strategic decisions are made from the same data as marketing activities.
All the running and maintenance is taken care of by The Data Refinery team. You will always have complete access to your data.
Data lakehouse
Access your data in both raw format and in our common data model for use in any type of application or analytics tool.
Publish segmented data to a range of SaaS applications to drive marketing campaigns and other operational activities.
Explore your data, build reports, and create segments directly in our UI. Invite team members and key stakeholders to collaborate without any need for manual data movement or time delays.
Already have a BI tool? Simply connect The Data Refinery to explore reliable data in an environment you and your team are familiar with.
Ready for machine learning development and advanced data science analytical models.
Data lakehouse output
The Data Refinery has accelerated our time to insights as we didn’t need to be concerned with the data engineering.

Andy Dunn

Data Analytics Manager

Combined Data Platform

By bringing together the data management capabilities of data warehouses and the flexibility of data lakes, our Data Lakehouse enables reporting, data science, machine learning, analytics and BAU activities to happen in the same place.

Data Lakehouse architecture
Data ingest managed etl

Fully managed service

All aspects of The Data Refinery are fully managed by our team, meaning you don't have to dedicate any resources or have any experience to start maximising the value of your data.

From managed integrations to enforced data schemas, Lakehouse has you covered.

Common Data Model

Access your data in an analytics ready format through our common data model. Spend less time on data engineering and more time on value-driving analysis.

Want to automate your reporting process? Check out our Reporting Automation features.

Example Refinery tables
Any data source connecting into The Data Refinery

Source Data Access

Use Lakehouse as a data lake to store all your disparate data sets in a single reliable location, eliminating the need to manage the ETL processes of different systems.

Single Customer View

Get a complete view of your customers driven by the most recent and reliable version of your data. Use our Customer Data platform to activate insights across multiple channels.

Single view of the customer circle
Data Refinery security

Security from the ground up

European Data Storage

All your data is stored within European territory.

Single tenancy data architecture

Your data is kept completely separate from other Data Refinery customers.

ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus

We are fully accredited to ISO 27001 standards and are regularly audited to maintain standards.

Ongoing maintenance

All new releases go through a rigorous security check before being being pushed to live environments.

Maximise your data value

See how The Data Refinery can unlock the value in your data.
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