Customer Data Platform

Activate your customer data

Utilise all your data to create a single customer view, enabling you to understand who your customers really are and their behavioural traits.
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Customer data segments overview

All your customer data combined

Built on Lakehouse, our CDP links the transactions, interactions and personal data of each of your customers, bringing together the most recent and up to date information to create unique customer profiles ready for segmentation and activation.

The Data Refinery powers insight enabling us to make more informed decisions around cost effectiveness, ROI, and performance optimisation.

Louise Bradbury

Head of Customer and Digital Marketing

Single View of the Customer

All of the information you have relating to a specific customer is held in one place, removing conflicting information from different systems, giving you the true picture of your customer's behaviour.

Single view of the customer circle
Unique customer profile

Unique Customer Profiles

Our reliable matching process ensures duplicate and like for like customers are captured across system boundaries to create unique Customer Profiles.

The best version of a customer is powered by the most recent and reliable version of your data, allowing you to understand your customer's habits and behaviours without the noise of inaccurate or stale data.

Understand Customer Behaviour

Analysing only a customer's purchase history gives no indication of their intent or pre-purchase habits, while looking at just interactions and marketing engagement does little to show their buying behaviour.

By having all customer data in one place, identify common behaviours prior to engagement or purchase to focus on delivering the right type of communications to potential customers.

Customer profile
Customer profiles

Data-Driven Segmentation

Build your own queries to create auto-updating customer segmentations to create the foundations for targeted campaigns to increase conversions and revenue.

Don't have the team to run your own segmentations? Our Advanced Analytics package has a selection of pre-configured statistical models to group your customers for you.

Activate Your Data Anywhere

All your customer data is ready for use on any platform. Build and execute strategies from the same data source.

SaaS Applications

Publish segmented data to a range of SaaS applications to drive marketing campaigns and other operational activities.

Ad Platforms

Send custom segments to ad platforms to create look-a-like audiences to drive future campaigns with improved targeting.

Data Share

Replicate your unified data into a data warehouse instance you manage, giving you full accessibility and total control of your data.


Explore your customer data in your existing BI tool or use The Data Refinery's built-in reporting functionalities.

Data output

Maximise your data value

See how The Data Refinery can unlock the value in your data.
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