Advanced Analytics

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Access advanced analytical models usually only available to enterprise scale companies with dedicated data science teams.
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Forecasting, RFM, data-driven customer segment

Identify growth opportunities

Through a combination of data enrichment, descriptive and predictive analytics, identify patterns in your data resulting in more effective communication with your customers and improved marketing efficiency.

Advanced analytical models without the need for a dedicated data science team
Data enrichment to understand your customers wider characteristics
Statistical based segmentation grouping customers based on data rather than gut feel
Predictive models forecast future trends and a customers propensity to behave in a certain way
Become a data-driven organisation acting on insight

Data Enrichment

Broaden your knowledge of who your customers are, enabling insight such as lifestyle, affluence, age group, and demographics.

  • Geographical hierarchy grouping
  • Profile by supergroup
  • Affluence purchase behaviour
  • Identify similar audience groups
  • Current audience profiles
  • Lifestyle characteristics
  • Demographics and family size
Plus many more
AWS Open Data
Data Europa
Data Gov UK
HM Land Registry
Office for National Statistics
Ordnance Survey
The World Bank
World Health Organisation
Example dashboard for RFM

Descriptive Analytics

Understand what has already happened in your organisation to describe past performance.


Analyse customer value using segmentation based on individual purchasing behaviours; recency, frequency, monetary (value).

KPI Trees

Pinpoint issues and highlight success based on a decomposition of your sales into their most basic components.

Marketing Attribution

Use first touch, last touch or multi-source attribution to understand where you're acquiring customers.

Predictive Analytics

Use all your customer information to predict their behaviour – enabling targeted campaigns and accurate forecasting.


Estimate future company performance or customer behaviour over a given time period, such as sales, customer sales value, demand, and stock volume.

Clustering Segmentation

Group customers who would not usually be linked to surface hidden trends and common behaviours in your data.

Propensity modelling

Predict the likelihood that customers behave in a certain way based on their previous actions.
  • How likely is a customer going to purchase in the nest 7 days?
  • How much is a customer likely to spend?
  • How likely is it a customer will churn?
Plus much more

Recommendation Engine

Create a personalised experience for your customers by recommending products that fit their behavioural purchase patterns, without bombarding them with the same item over and over again or with products too similar to previous purchases.
Forecasting model example

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